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Vernesandaler Metallfri Baltic S1P

Summer sandals made of crocheted leather for excellent leg ventilation. 

The open cavity in the heel and lifting areas, as well as the transverse skin, provides excellent air and moisture circulation. Sandals are clamped with two adjustable velcro stickers. The front of the shoe is further reinforced with a special abrasive material, which extends the life of the wearer – protects the main areas from wear. 

  • Natural tufts of uppers of skin;
  • Padded shoulder area;
  • Air and moisture circulation lining;
  • Increasing air and moisture circulation in the open cavity and heel areas;
  • Plastic toe protection;
  • Textile, piercing resistant pad insert;
  • Lightweight, flexible, deformable double-molding polyurethane sole;
  • Strengthened toenail protection – the toe area is further reinforced with a special abrasive material;
  • Clamped with two adjustable Velcro stickers.
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